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Sponsor Video Coverage Provided by Mainsail News TV


Mainsail News TV provides video coverage for local regattas, rendezvous , boat shows and yachting charity events. Event Video Sponsorship is available on an individual basis thru the event organizations. These packages generally include a full screen sponsor logo on all video materials displayed on www.MainsailNews.TV as well as video displayed at the event parties and awards ceremonies. Please inquire with your event coordinator about video coverage sponsor opportunities.

My rates can be negotiated on a case by case basis. Rates for a single circle regatta or a RLC with nearby or same start/finish points start at $350/day.

For a point to point race my final financial requirements will be subject to:

  1. Accommodations at the start and finish (supplied by a sponsor or responsability of Mainsail News TV)
  2. Transportation to and from the finish (supplied by a sponsor or responsibility of Mainsail News TV)
  3. Degree of coverage requested and number of cameras and videographers required

My additional requirements from regatta organizers and/or sponsors will include, but not always be limited to:

  1. Press boat, preferably a center consol bay boat of 20′ – 27′ with enough dry storage for some video equipment. **
  2. Display screen of appropriate size with HDMI input at after race functions
  3. High speed internet access
  4. Access for 2 to regatta functions (dinner tickets, wristbands, etc)
  5. A display table at functions for Mainsail News promotion*
  6. Mainsail News TV is to be included in regatta promotion items and literature such as programs and regatta shirts.*

What I will provide is:

  1.  The most exciting footage I can find on the course using my experience as a racer to be in the right spots to capture the best action
  2. A short (10 – 30 minute) clip of the days racing action to be displayed at after race functions (as editing time and video processing speeds will allow)*
  3. The preceding will provide an entertaining focal point and encourage spirited camaraderie between participants to enhance the future memory of your event.
  4. Internet display of regatta footage for no less than 3 months on www.MainsailNews.TV
  5. End video scroll of all regatta sponsors on internet content of sponsored regatta.*
  6. A DVD will be available for purchase which will include interviews and awards ceremony that will not be found on www.MainsailNews.TV

A Video Sponsor will receive:

  1. Logo display on all video materials produced by Mainsail News TV of the sponsored regatta
  2. 20 – 30 min. video displayed on www.MainsailNews.TV with sponsor logo for a minimum of 3 months
  3. Sponsor logo displayed on www.MainsailNews.TV attached to sponsor’s website for 1-3 months depending on the level of sponsorship.

Often offered as a Video Sponsor benefit, but not guaranteed by Mainsail News TV, is the entire sponsor benefit package offered by the regatta itself for the level equal to the Video Sponsorship provided. This has been the case in all regattas covered by Mainsail News TV to date.

* Will be determined by negotiations between Mainsail News TV and the race organization.
** Other options can be considered for Point to Point distance races.

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